Princess Haya Exposes Cruel Billionaire Husband in London Court

Princess Haya Exposes Cruel Billionaire Husband in London Court

Former wife of the billionaire ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussain came out of the open to a London court open torture meted at her and her two daughters by her husband, over a period of several years.

The London High Court has finally established the facts shared by the Princess and could publish a Fact Finding Judgement (FFJ) in favour of Princess Haya who had to feel Dubai in 2019, along with her two children. She has confided with friends telling them that she was in fear of her and her children’s lives.

After the Dubai ruler was found hiding information and misrepresenting facts, because of which his attempts to keep the court judgment out of public domain became unsuccessful.  The court confirmed that Sheikh Mohammed had indeed violated human rights of his wife and two daughters from another marriage. It was confirmed that he was responsible for the abduction and forced return of his daughters. Both Sheikha Shamsa and Sheikha Latifa had attempted to escape but were found by their father’s agents and brought back and put under house arrest.

Shamsa fled the family’s UK estate in Surrey in 2000 but was later abducted in Cambridgeshire by agents of the sheikh and forcibly returned to Dubai where she remains in captivity. Latifa had made two attempts to escape but both proved to be unsuccessful in 2002 and 2018. After the first attempt, she was imprisoned by her father in Dubai for over three years. In the second attempt she was abducted at sea off the Indian coast and forcibly returned to Dubai, where she remains under house arrest.

Princess Haya of Jordan is the sixth and the youngest of the Sheikh’s wife. She had repeatedly asked for the whereabouts of her daughters. But the sheikh kept lying and duping her with false information. The judge ruled that “the father has therefore acted in a manner from the end of 2018 which has been aimed at intimidating and frightening the mother, and that he has encouraged others to do so on his behalf”.

Due to his global standing, he misused and manipulated media by presenting false information about his wife, who usually maintained a low social profile. The court agreed on the fact that he had used his media contacts to generate a series of negative articles about Princess Haya, many of which were “wholly inaccurate”.  The court has ruled in favour of the princess and this verdict has been largely applauded by human rights organizations worldwide.



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