Nuclear deal talks between Iran and world powers to resume on Saturday


A top Iranian official has confirmed that nuclear deal talks between Iran and the world powers will be resumed on Saturday in Vienna. This is the same deal that was finalised in 2015 but was left hanging after the former US president Donald Trump backed out of the deal, leaving Iran high and dry.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi confirmed that all the top officials of the countries will gather to talk about the United States returning to the national accord.

“The participants are expected to continue consultations on the possible return of the United States to the nuclear accord and ensuring the full and effective implementation of this agreement,” asserted the Iranian official. He conveyed the Iranian stance on the matter through his official channel on telegram application.

After Joe Biden came into power, he took a relatively softer approach towards Iran and one of the steps to make things better between the two nations was to remove sanctions from three iranian officials. Through this, Biden wanted to convey that the US is ready for dialogue and an agreement may soon be reached.

But the move was apparently not enough for the Iranian officials to trust the US administration. The foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh had said that this was not enough to show a bond for goodwill between the two countries.

The Iranian diplomat was very straightforward with Iran’s ideology as he said that the country does not link delistings as a pair of nuclear accords nor views it as a sign of goodwill as it is something that was a procedural requirement.

On Thursday, after announcing the removal of sanctions from these three Iranian officials as well as two companies that dealt in petrochemicals, the US government stated that it was done as a part of routine but as per experts it showed US readiness to take things forwards and ease the sanctions that were imposed during the Trump leadership.

It is highly possible that Khatibzadeh was upset over US imposing sanctions on a network that funds Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and Houthi militant group, which is accused of spreading terrorsim in the Arab region. Houthi are immensely active in Yemen and they are essentially responsible for the crisis that hit Yemen nearly a decade ago.



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