OpenAI’s ChatGPT app finally arrives on Android

ChatGPT, a large language model-based chatbot developed by an American artificial intelligence research company OpenAI, is now available for Android users in select regions.

OpenAI recently brought ChatGPT to iOS in May. The chatbot became famous among iOS users. Later on, the company pledged to bring ChatGPT on Android.

ChatGPT app can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store on Android phone. People will have access to the same features that are available on the desktop version of the ChatGPT.

Currently, the ChatGPT app is available in the United States, Brazil, India, and Bangladesh. It will expand to more regions in the coming week. The company opted for a staged rollout. 

ChatGPT is free to use and syncs user history across devices. It offers human-like responses. The app is built on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.  ChatGPT’s GPT-4 is only accessible to Plus members.

In February this year, ChatGPT became the fastest-growing app in the world, reaching 100 million users within two months. It reportedly overtook other popular social media applications, including photo and video sharing app Instagram and TikTok, which took 2.5 years and 9 months, respectively, to reach 100 million users. 

Ir provides instant answers to users about any questions or queries. It has been making waves on the Internet ever since its launch in November 2022 due to its human-like responses to questions raised by social media users. It also helps by solving complex coding problems.

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ChatGPT was launched as a free application in late November 2022. Within two months, OpenAI introduced its paid pilot subscription plan for ChatGPT. The paid plan cost $20 a month.

In March, it announced the release of GPT-4, the latest version of ChatGPT. Reportedly, GPT-4 is more advanced compared to GPT 3.5. It is available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.



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