Pakistan’s First Moon Mission and Its China Connection

pakistan's first moon mission

Pakistan is very excited! The country will send its first ever spacecraft to the moon. This is huge for Pakistan and the first step towards exploring space.

What is Pakistan Sending?  

Pakistan is sending a tiny satellite called ICUBE-Q. It is a small cube, about the size of a shoebox. But this little cube has cameras and science tools inside. 

Riding with China

Pakistan’s ICUBE-Q won’t go to the moon alone. It will ride along with a much bigger Chinese spacecraft named Chang’e 6. The big Chinese ship will take ICUBE-Q most of the way to the moon.

Landing in a New Place

Chang’e 6 plans to land on the far side of the moon that we can never see from Earth. No one has explored this place before! On the surface, it will pick up rocks and soil to bring home for scientists to study.

What Will ICUBE-Q Do?

While Chang’e 6 collects moon rocks, the little Pakistani ICUBE-Q will do its own science missions. Its tools will study the moon’s environment, measure radiation, test new technologies, and more. Everything it learns will help Pakistan design better space missions.

Made in Pakistan, With Help 

The ICUBE-Q spacecraft was made in Pakistan by scientists and engineers in Islamabad. But they had help from partners in China and Pakistan’s own space agency SUPARCO.

Pakistani Pride

The moon mission makes all of Pakistan very proud. Pakistani scientists showed they can build a spacecraft by working with other countries. This first tiny step to the moon could lead to greater adventures in space!

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Learning for the Future

Pakistan’s first moon trip will teach valuable lessons about making and operating spacecraft. It will give great experience to Pakistani space engineers. Most importantly, it will inspire Pakistani children to dream of becoming scientists and explorers too!  

Just the Start

When ICUBE-Q launches on May 3rd, it will be historic for Pakistan to put a spacecraft on the moon. But this first small step won’t be the last. By exploring the moon, Pakistan hopes to learn how to explore even farther into space someday. Maybe Pakistani astronauts will walk on the moon!



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