Palestinians demand Israel release prisoners because of coronavirus

Palestine, Israel

The Palestinian Prisoners Society has called on the United Nations to pressure Israel to secure the release of Palestinians in Israeli prisons.  This measure is explained by the coronavirus epidemic.

 “The UN knows that Israeli prisons are among the closest in the world. There are no basic hygiene facilities. This creates ideal conditions for infection,” said Kadri Abu Bakr, head of the Society.

 According to him, COVID-19 was detected in at least four Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.  Their comrades threaten to go on hunger strike if their conditions are not improved.

 Note that on March 8, in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection in the PA, Israeli Minister of Internal Security Gilad Erdan ordered to temporarily suspend the visits of relatives to Palestinian prisoners serving sentences in Israeli prisons.

 The head of the Ministry of Homeland Security also ordered not to issue permits to travel to Israel for residents of the PA, whose close relatives are in Israeli prisons.  He noted that the visit of one carrier of coronavirus can lead to mass infection in a penitentiary institution.



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