Philippines Ambassador To Israel Falls From Grace After Vote For Gaza Probe By UNHRC


Israel is going up and arms against the Filipino Ambassador in Tel Aviv. Philippines Ambassador Macairog Alberto was recently asked for his vote by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) towards an investigative committee to be established against Israel over the events surrounding Operation Guardian of the Walls.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry isn’t very happy about this and has summoned the Filipino Ambassador who has previously served in the Philippines Army as a General. He was appointed to Israel as an Ambassador in March last year, and now finds himself in rather choppy waters.

But he did not mince his words as he clarified the voting process over a virtual meeting with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Manila voted for a thorough investigation into the killings at Gaza. In response, the Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that its deputy director general for Asia and the Pacific Gilad Cohen, had told Ambassador Macairog Alberto “that his country’s vote is unacceptable to Israel and constitutes a reward for terrorism.”

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On May 27, UNHRC decided over a full blown investigation to examine alleged human rights violations in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Israel.

Many countries across the world have complaint and raised a voice against the killings between Palestine and Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has called the UNHRC as biased, ignoring the role of Hamas, or of the fact that more than 4000 missiles were fired at Israeli civilians.

On his part, Alberto is trying to ensure the equation between the nations does not get spoilt. This is highly unlikely. According to UN Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet, the Israeli airstrikes in densely populated areas had “resulted in a high level of civilian fatalities and injuries as well as the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure.” These acts are to be considered as a war crime.



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