Anti-Semitism, Qatar calls for the destruction of Israel and the killing of non-Muslims


Qatar continues to promote inflammatory speeches against Jews and the existence of Israel. The hair loses its hair, but not the vice.

This is the case of Doha which continues to foment hatred and incite the killing of Jews in the Middle East, with its anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic policies. Instead of promoting peace and dialogue between Israel and Palestinians, to maintain the fragile ceasefire achieved, the leadership of Qatar continues to use its prominent platforms to promote strident anti-Semitic preachers, a practice promoted by the Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

Most notably, Qatar’s state-controlled Grand Mosque and other places of worship across the small Gulf country continue to feature sermons telling the world’s Muslims that Jews have enmity and hatred to you in their blood and their veins. They describe the Jewish people as “your deceitful, lying, treacherous, fornicating, intransigent enemy” who “has despoiled, corrupted, ruined, and killed, and will not stop.” Qatari mosques’ sermons and media platforms dismiss the Jewish religious connection to Jerusalem and the Holy Land as an “invalid, falsified historical claim.” They further charge that the Jews betrayed God, by killing the Prophets Jesus and Muhammad, murdered other holy figures, and broke important covenants and charters.

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Facebook pages and TV shows call Palestinian and Arab people for opposing the Jews and destroy the State of Israel. “Despite all that the Zionists do and all that Satan helps them with support and assistance and providing weapons and everything they ask for,” said a preacher in Doha, referring to Israel’s main backer, the U.S., as Satan in this regard. Far from countering extremism, Qatar is encouraging it by inviting Muslim people to join Hamas and the Islamic jihad.

The tiny Gulf State declared that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be solved with promises or conferences or turning east or west because Jews would never be satisfied with concessions from Muslims or with coexistence. Qatari leaders, through their powerful media channels, are calling upon all Muslims to cleanse the Jerusalem Mosque, al-Aqsa, from “the filth” of the Jews.

Despite its promises, although Doha continues to have secret meetings with Israel, its anti-Semitic and anti-Western policy has not changed. Already a few years ago, this kind of hateful language about “cleansing” al-Aqsa from supposed Jewish desecration was also a common message among U.S.-designated terrorist groups such as Hamas as well as by a broad swathe of extremists on social media.

Today, Doha’s alignment with these groups is becoming increasingly evident. Fortunately, the Arabs are smarter than Doha thinks. They know very well that these media campaigns are by no means intended in support of Palestine, but the only goal is to generate chaos in the region, to create new wars and new bloodshed for their national gain.



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