Political assassinations strike again in Tunisia

Libya LibyaThe UN Security council has had to extend the Libyan mandate once again till January 2022. While the overhaul is receiving support from member countries, Russia is not in favor of it. This includes France, the US and the UK. The US has said that stopping the process will only undermine the efforts that have been to resurrect Libya so far.

While the mandate has been extended, the decision over an overall, remains inconclusive. The council member countries are wishing that the Security Council spearhead some kind of physical presence in Libya, in order withdrawal of foreign forces becomes a reality.

Currently, the UN’s top official for managing the Libya file is based in Geneva. But the UN secretary-general recommended in August that UNSMIL appoint a special representative based in Tripoli to allow it to better engage with actors on the ground. The pro member countries believe that it is a good thing to have physical presence in the country. This would allow the UN to intensify negotiations over the withdrawal of foreign forces. Many believe that this is one reason that the country has not seen full play of democracy.

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In fact, Britain tried to put the thought into action by presenting the Security Council with a draft text that would have implemented this. However, the same was not adopted and Britain presented its ‘regret’ over the fact that its effort had come to a knot’s end.

Russia is of the mind that any move of the mission to Libya should come after the December election. However, it is worth noting that the election procedures have themselves not received wide appreciation from the Western world, as there has been no true competition to stand the current leadership. Libya could do with some new flavor and thought leadership.

According to the official mandate given by the Security Council, the United Nation Support Mission In Libya (UNSMIL) wouwas asked to” take the necessary precautions, “according to the official statement.

There are fears that Tunisia will return to the square of political assassinations that it knew in 2013, especially as the country is under a state of alert to confront the Coronavirus.

The security services had thwarted the assassination plot of the Popular Party’s leader, Mubaraka Awaina, the martyr Muhammad Brahmi’s widow. The Popular Party announced last January.

Tunisia witnessed the assassination of the Democrats Movement’s former Secretary-General, Shukri Belaid on February 6th, 2013, and the Popular Movement’s General Coordinator, Mohamed Brahmi, on June 25th of the same year.

The Interior Ministry arrested 3 terrorist elements, “they planned to carry out a terrorist operation targeting a security institution, trying to take advantage of the exceptional circumstances where the country is focused on fighting the Coronavirus,” according to a Tunisian media statement.



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