Presidents of Russia & Turkey on Rising Crime Rate in Syria


Syria SyriaPresidents of Russia and Turkey met to discuss on the rising violence and crime rate in Syria. It is a disturbing factor since the lives of the innocent people are at stake. Russian President Putin, pointed out that relations between the two countries should develop positively. Negotiations are sometimes difficult, but with a positive final result, their government bodies have learned to find compromises that are beneficial to both sides.

On the other hand Turkish President, Erdogan echoed the same sentiment and said he believed there is great benefit in continuing our Turkish-Russian relations by strengthening them every day. When it comes to Syria, Russia is the main ally of the Syrian government while Turkey supports groups that have fought to unseat Syrian President Bashar Assad.

However, Russian and Turkish troops have cooperated in Idlib, the final holdout of rebel forces, and in seeking a political solution in the country. It is believed by social scientists that peace in Syria depends on the relations between Turkey and Russia and thus the world leaders need to work collectively to achieve the common goal for greater good.

Last year itself, Turkey and Russia made a cease-fire agreement which halted a three-month Syrian government offensive in Idlib. The agreement also saw rare direct fighting between Syrian and Turkish troops but still groups which were backed by Russia killed hundreds of civilians and displaced nearly 1 million people in Idlib province.



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