EXCLUSIVE: Libya, Tripoli still under militias chaos


Ten years after the Revolution that overthrew Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the capital of Libya, Tripoli, remains in the chaos of armed militias outside state control. Yesterday, Tuesday 31 August, the militias broke into the headquarters of the Administrative Control Authority, opening fire in the center and terrorizing civilians.

According to local sources, the dispute arose between the Director of the Authority, deposed by Parliament, and his deputy. They allowed the militias to enter the building in their support. As a result, the Gnewa militia deployed medium-heavy weapons and mortar rounds reached nearby homes, while the institution’s headquarters were devastated by flames. The Islamist Gnewa militia allegedly clashed with the Islamist armed groups coming from Misrata.

In the climate of total impunity, it is unclear which legitimate security forces in Libya are, much less by whom they are financed. Gnewa heads the Stability Support Force, an armed group set up by former President Fayez al Serraj at the end of Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army military operations.

During his five years of the government, Fayez al-Serraj, at the suggestion of Italy, Turkey, and Qatar, has considerably strengthened the armed militias, denying young people any alternative to arms. The former premier, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, was also accused, along with his deputy Ahmed Maitiq and former interior minister Fati Bashagha, of being involved in several terrorist attacks, including Gargarish and Brak al-Shati, in which hundreds of civilians have been killed.

Tripoli is now one of the most dangerous cities globally after the terrorists found shelter under the umbrella of political legitimacy against Haftar. Tunisia recently closed its borders with its neighboring country, sounding the alarm of a hundred terrorists ready to carry out attacks against the president. The premier of the new transition executive denied the integrity of this information.

At the same time, the radical Islamist groups of Misrata warned of repercussions for the cities of southern Tunisia, using threatening tones. In addition to the militias, the stability of Libya is threatened by the Syrian mercenaries mobilized by Turkey. Yesterday dozens of Syrian fighters took to the streets to claim their wages, chanting slogans like “We have freed you!”. Al-Dabaiba replied to them: Turkey is your master, denying any financial responsibility towards these mercenaries.



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