As Tunisia shut down Al-Zaytouna TV, Al-Jazeera employs journalists and commentors of terror

Al-Zaytouna TV

Tunisia TunisiaQatar-funded television channel Al-Jazeera hired workers from Zaytouna TV after Tunisian authorities shut it down. The two channels, both financed by the Muslim Brotherhood, have been the subject of investigations by the Tunisian authorities and are constantly under observation for their news reports and multimedia contents praising proselytism and terrorism in the Arab world.

It is no coincidence that the Gulf channel hired Zaytouna TV employees after its closure. The two broadcasters share the same editorial line: incitement to hate, transmit false news in support of Islamist parties, support terrorist groups in the theatres of conflict (Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan), and general, create instability across the MENA area. From July 25, the day President Kais Saied dissolved parliament and the Hicham Mechichi government, both broadcasters have launched an incendiarism campaign, hosting members of the Muslim Brotherhood and suspected terrorists who shouted a coup.

Both channels belong to the Islamist media galaxy that daily conveys false or incomplete news intending to manipulate public opinion in Arab countries. Information that is then picked up by the Western media – often unaware and receive this fake news without considering that the channels broadcasting them are actually foreign agents of terrorist-sponsoring states. With unlimited funds from governments and political organizations, these media often sponsor this content on social network sites through numerous linked pages and accounts that disseminate their content through sponsorships.

While this bold use of the media by the Brotherhood is well known in most Arab countries, this is less clear in the West, where Al-Jazeera English offers more moderate content than the terror propaganda broadcast in Tunisia. To avoid all this – and above all useless bloodshed – the Tunisian authorities, after countless reports from viewers, proceeded to close the Zaytouna TV channel five days ago. The Tunisian people not only did not believe the accusations of the Islamist channel but were amazed to see that a few days later, the self-styled journalists prepaid by the Brotherhood were already filling the schedules of Al-Jazeera.

Despite the ferocious propaganda he has suffered, Tunisian President Kais Saied continues to have over 80% of Tunisians on his side. Citizens in the streets of Tunis are now asking the telecommunications authorities and the judiciary about the financing of these channels and monitoring the dissemination of content in support of terrorism on the net. President must guarantee the secularity and correctness of the contents that Al-Jazeera transmits, ensuring that these do not harm the Republic and the image of the country system within and outside its borders.



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