Details of the Qatari regime’s interference in spoiling the Egyptian-Ethiopian negotiations.

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A crisis does not pass in the Arab world, unless you find evidence proving the Qatari regime’s involvement in fueling that crisis, like the crisis of the Arab Republic of Egypt with Ethiopia and the withdrawal of the Ethiopian side from the Renaissance Dam negotiations in the United States of America and its refusal to sign.

Informed sources revealed that the Qatari regime is behind the Ethiopian intransigence against Egypt, after an explicit threat to the political leadership in Ethiopia to withdraw Qatari and Turkish deposits with Ethiopian banks allocated to the Renaissance Dam project, where the Qatari system placed a deposit of $ 3 billion in addition to a similar Turkish deposit.

Sources confirmed that a Qatari-Turkish security delegation traveled to Addis Baba and carried a message from Tamim bin Hamad that the approval of the Egyptian-Ethiopian negotiations in the United States would have great consequances that the Ethiopian regime could not bear, as the delegation told them that withdrawing the Qatari and Turkish deposits, Construction of the dam will fundamentally delay and delay the Ethiopian development plan in light of successive global crises. The delegation assured the Ethiopian authorities that they will not find in the countries of the world who will accept pumping billions of dollars in light of the spread of the Corona virus that is afflicting the world.

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The sources concluded the speech by saying: “The Qatari delegation stressed the Ethiopian authorities on the need to escalate their rhetoric against Cairo, and to work to provoke the Egyptian leadership, with threats to thirst the Egyptian people, in return for promises of a new Qatari deposit in the Ethiopian Central Bank during the coming period to contribute to the rapid completion of the dam’s establishment, which could cause massive crises in Egypt.”



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