Qatar behind sophisticated social media coverage of Taliban in recent days


There are various news websites/channels that have projected strong opinions on Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and which countries have come out in support of Taliban during this time but apart from these media channels, social media has become the real game changer.

Taliban ministers are being projected in a very sophisticated, positive light despite their backgrounds in the terror world. This is all due to Qatar. Many of the news articles and information are not being released for the public eye and it’s als because of the millions Qatar is spending on a PR agency operating especially to show Taliban in a good light.

As the Washington Post duly higlity, a group with questionable moral tactics is doing a near perfect job on social media. It is steadily moving ahead in numbers by slightly protecting itself from not breaking the rules on different applications and it is all thanks to a Qatari PR agency for handling their matters.

Just like Qatar does it for itself, it is giving the opportunity to the Taliban in hope of benefiting from the takeover. As a nation, Qatar has always been focused towards finding an opportunity to gain itself favours and this is no exception.

But supporting a group like the Taliban, is not only demeaning the efforts of various people around the world but also playing with thousands of lives. Doha is channeling its power in wealth to support whatever intentions Taliban has in the country, especially by showing that it is ready to lead a nation in a modern world.

Most of the supporters of the Taliban or the ministers themselves, have spoken against western powers and their dominant behaviours in Asian-African countries. Taliban has its presence across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they are playing very carefully, given the already damaged reputation they have on these platforms.

Usually, you will find that in these platforms, the group’s supporters will condemn the actions of the United States, blaming everything on them but since the last few months, they have started well-inside the boundaries. They surely have spoken a lot but this time, the presentation has been more subtle and sophisticated.

The tactics and moves working in coordination with supportive planning are so well-managed that experts believe that there is a role of a Qatari Public Relations agency here. This agency is managing everything, from the theme that they need to amplifying the message that needs to be spread, just like a political campaign.

It was after this report, analysis, that the sources were put into work to find, who was behind this and then it was found that it was Qatar who has been supporting the group till now and is now training their members to face the social media challenge

The Taliban is destroying lives, making women and children suffer and Qatar is extending its support to such a group that brings out the inner mentality with which the Qatari regime functions. Things like this have made it more clear that all Qatar seeks is regional conflict so that it can avail benefits of such a situation and gain more control in the region.



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