Qatar Comes In Spotlight For Terror Funding In America

Emir of the State of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani

A recent lawsuit filed in the courts of New York City is claiming compensation for the families of those killed at the hands of terrorism plots funded by Qatari entities.

It has been brought to light that multiple Qatari financial institutions have been involved in funneling financial support to fund terror attacks carried out by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Both these groups have been designated as terror factions by the US and other European nations as well.

All the terror funding comes under the guidance of the Qatari royal family that is also instrumental in running the government.  It has also been confirmed that as a part of this alleged funding scheme, Qatari charities were actually (allegedly) using the U.S. banking system to illegally funnel money to these groups that then orchestrated and conduct many terror attacks in the US.

The lawsuit brings to light a huge conspiracy and a double faced personality that the Qatar government has been keeping for all these years. It has continued to show solidarity and brotherhood with the US, while slyly playing a terror funding game in the background. This is the one reason the small and wealthy Arab nation was cut off from trade and other privileges it could have enjoyed from its neighbours that have protested against its inhuman act of funding terror groups worldwide.

The lawsuit filed by American attorney Steven Perles is known to have found for the cause of all those families who lost loved ones at the hands terror attacks. The current case includes among its plaintiffs the family of Taylor Force, an American military veteran killed by Hamas in 2016.

According to the lawsuit filed under the US Anti Terrorism Act, Hamas is the most funded.  “Qatar co-opted several institutions that it dominates and controls to funnel coveted U.S. dollars (the chosen currency of Middle East terrorist networks) to Hamas and PIJ under the false guise of charitable donations.” The main entity is being pointed out as Qatar Charity, founded in 1992 as Qatar Charitable Society. The organization is said to be serving as “a key funding source for international terrorists” and is believed to have been a major source of funding for deceased terror leader Osama bin Laden. All payments are made in dollars and therefore the  Masraf Al Rayan bank and Qatar National Bank branches in the US, used the funds to be send off as US dollars to fund the various terrorist activities.

It is alleged that the millions of dollars used as funds have directly aided at least six terror attacks conducted by Hamas and PIJ operatives between 2014 and 2016. This includes multiple car-ramming attacks in Israel, in which terrorists drove vehicles into crowds of people, killing several American citizens. Others were kidnapped and stabbed by Hamas operatives in and around Israel.

Both America and Israel have been targets to this kind of Qatari funded terror activity and families are now seeking legal action to claim damages.

In the past, many American families have successfully claimed damage to life and psychological trauma through similar funding done by Lebanon and Iran as well.

Currently, revelations of Qatar’s alleged involvement in these terror plots comes amid the already ongoing congressional investigations into Qatar’s support for terror factions and other anti-U.S. militia groups. 



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