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Rawan Mahdi

The role that Rawan Mahdi portrayed in the 2020 Lebanese television series Dofaat Beirut is what made her most well-known. Because of her portrayal of Farida in the Netflix television series The Exchange, which debuted on 8 February 2023, Rawan is in the spotlight in 2023.

Rawan Mahdi Age & Birthplace

Rawan Mahdi was born in Kuwait on September 17, 1992. Every year on September 17th, she enjoys sharing her birthday cake cutting with her loved ones. She is 30 years old as of February 2023 and resides in K-Town, Manhattan, New York City. Mahdi is a Kuwaiti national and a Virgo by astrological sign.

Rawan Mahdi TV Shows

With the release of the movie Ateej, well-known actress Rawan made her acting debut. After that, she made an appearance as a young child in Khaled Al-movie Refai’s Hamah.

Mahdi received only minor or uncredited roles at the time, but this actress didn’t let that break her spirit and retained looking for the right chance. She was finally chosen for the Lebanese TV program Dofaat Beirut in 2019.

She performed as Na’asa on that show, and within a few days, she gained popularity and rose to fame. Rawan was cast in another Lebanese drama as a result of her excellent acting, but this one was a horror thriller as opposed to the first. A group of children and a fortune-telling app are central to the plot of this show.

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Rawan Mahdi Movies

Here is the list of Rawan Mahdi Movies from the year 2016 to 2023. Currently her latest movie ‘The Exchange’ is buzzing on media platforms.

SL Rawan Mahdi Movies List Character Year
1 Ateej Shaikha 2016
2 Hamah 2017
3 Kombars Assistant Director 2018
4 Dofaat Beirut Na’asa 2020
5 Qariat El Fingan Carmen 2021
6 Lady of the Darkness Rawan 2022
7 Mohamed Ali Road 2 Ascia 2022
8 The Cage 2022
9 The Exchange Farida 2023

Rawan Mahdi Stars In Netflix’s The Exchange

These days, Rawan is well-known thanks to her outstanding portrayal of Farida in the television series The Exchange. Two women in this Netflix series are attempting to break into the overwhelmingly male Kuwait Stock Market.

At some point, Rawan made a TV appearance in Kuwait with the miniseries Lady of the Darkness, which debuted in February 2022.

She made two more television appearances, including in The Cage and Mohammed Ali Road 2. She became more popular in 2023 thanks to her portrayal of Farida in the Netflix original series The Exchange, which debuted on 8 February 2023.

The story appears to have been influenced by actual events that happened in 1988, according to the show’s trailer.

She had the chance to collaborate with other artists in The Exchange, including Michael Benyaer, Kamran Nikhad, and Sean Rohani.



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