Russia Tries To Deflect War Resulting Food Shortage While Visiting African Continent


Russia RussiaAs the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is on his way to make strategic pit stops at various grain deprived countries of Africa, global anger is continuing to rise over Kremlin’s blockade of vital Ukrainian ports.

The grain insecurity has become an exasperating problem worldwide, especially for those countries that are dependent on Ukraine and Russia to meet their supply.  As Egypt came into the center of brokering a negotiation between Russia, Ukraine and the UN, it has had to step back.

A day later, Russia went onto attack one of Ukraine’s sea ports. It thus put ‘the Black Sea Initiative’ into a limbo. Further, as Russia tries to garner support in Africa and with Egypt, Lavrov has conveniently blamed Ukraine for the stagnation in negotiations on opening key ports for the sake of grain exports to carry on in needing nations.

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Lavrov is on a week’s tour where he is visiting, the Republic of Congo. This is the second stop on his Africa tour where he is aiming to seek support amid global anger over food shortages following Moscow’s blockade of vital Ukrainian ports.

While speaking to the Egyptian counterpart, he has shown Russia’s willingness to ‘free-up’ the Ukrainian ports. However, in action this isn’t how it seems after the port attack.

Meanwhile the West isn’t taking the blame of Ukraine siding with them. Instead, Russia has been held responsible for using food as a weapon in war. In response, Lavrov has, however, been keen to deflect responsibility for the shortages from Moscow, instead blaming the West in a letter written Friday for newspapers of the African countries and published by the Russian Foreign Ministry ahead of his departure.

Further, Lavrov’s blame that the ‘collective West’ has monopolized commodity and supply flows during the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t going to justify the food shortages and famine like conditions in Africa. Even then Lavrov is in Africa to put the blame on West and deflect responsibility of war.



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