Saudi Arabia and Armenia to Develop ‘Road Map’ for Diplomatic Relations, Confirms FM Ararat Mirzoyan to Arab News

saudi arabia and armenia to develop 'road map' for diplomatic relations, confirms fm ararat mirzoyan to arab news

“No limit” to opportunities for Saudi-Armenian cooperation, says Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan on ‘historic’ Riyadh visit

Ararat Mirzoyan, Armenia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, expressed his commitment to establishing a “road map” for the development of diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia during his visit to the Kingdom. In an exclusive interview with Arab News, Mirzoyan discussed various topics including the historical ties between Armenia and the Arab world, the peace process in the South Caucasus, and the conflict in Gaza.

Mirzoyan emphasized the long-standing friendly relations between Armenia and the Arab countries, which have been based on historical and cultural connections. He acknowledged the support provided by Arab countries to Armenian refugees, particularly survivors of the Armenian genocide. Mirzoyan stated that the establishment of official diplomatic relations between Armenia and Saudi Arabia in November of the previous year marked just the beginning of a broader cooperation.

The Armenian Foreign Minister met with his Saudi counterpart, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, as well as officials from the Saudi Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economy. Mirzoyan expressed the desire to deepen cooperation and explore various areas of collaboration, such as education, advanced technologies, agriculture, tourism, trade, investment, and infrastructure.

Mirzoyan praised the launch of commercial flights between Riyadh and Yerevan by Saudi airline Flynas, which began in June the previous year. He believed that this development would enhance tourism between the two nations. Mirzoyan also congratulated Saudi Arabia on winning the bid for Expo 2030 and expressed Armenia’s support for the initiative.

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mirzoyan affirmed Armenia’s support for a two-state solution and a ceasefire in Gaza. He mentioned that Armenia had joined Saudi Arabia and other countries in the UN General Assembly in voting for an immediate ceasefire. Mirzoyan offered Armenia’s readiness to act as a potential facilitator for peace between the two sides if requested.

Mirzoyan also discussed the efforts to establish lasting peace and stability in the South Caucasus. He acknowledged the existing disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan over territorial borders and emphasized the need for respecting principles of sovereignty, equality, and reciprocity to normalize relations. Mirzoyan highlighted Armenia’s initiative, called “Crossroads of Peace,” which aims to unblock transport infrastructure in the region. This initiative, if successful, could have broader global implications, connecting various regions and facilitating trade.

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Armenia’s diplomatic relations are expanding beyond its historically strongest ally, Russia. Mirzoyan acknowledged the complexities in Armenia’s relations with Russia, including concerns about the behavior of Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh and the response during territorial attacks. He mentioned that Armenia is working to address these issues. Additionally, Armenia has been pursuing closer ties with the EU and the US, with a focus on democratic reforms and economic resilience.

In conclusion, Mirzoyan expressed Armenia’s aspirations for closer cooperation with Saudi Arabia, highlighting the limitless potential for collaboration in various fields. He emphasized Armenia’s commitment to peace in the South Caucasus, support for a two-state solution in Palestine, and the significance of regional and international partnerships in achieving these goals.



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