Breaking News: Explosion Hits Iraqi Military Base Housing Pro-Iranian Forces

explosion hits iraqi military base housing pro iranian forces

An explosion rocked the Calso military base in Babylon province, Iraq, overnight, causing widespread damage and injuring multiple individuals, Iraqi officials report.

According to sources, the bombing targeted a coalition of pro-Iranian armed groups stationed at the base, including Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashed al-Shaabi). The blast resulted in material losses and casualties, with one person reported dead and several others wounded.

“The explosion hit equipment, weapons, and vehicles,” stated a ministry of interior official. “A fire is still raging, and the search for the injured is continuing.”

While the exact cause of the explosion remains under investigation, Hashed al-Shaabi confirmed that its premises on the military base were struck, prompting the deployment of investigators to the site.

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The incident comes amidst heightened regional tensions, with recent strikes near Isfahan, Iran, and ongoing conflicts between Israel and Iran-backed Palestinian militants. Israeli officials have refrained from commenting on the attacks, while Iranian authorities have downplayed their significance.

Further updates are expected as the investigation progresses. Stay Tuned!



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