Saudi Arabia evacuates residents and sends three more relief flights to earthquake-stricken Syria, Turkey


On Friday, Saudi Arabia despatched three more assistance aircraft to earthquake-affected regions in Syria and Turkey.

According to state agency SPA, the fourth and fifth aircraft, which were carrying rescue crews and equipment like tools, pumps, and medical supplies, landed at the Gaziantep airport in Turkiye.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense, the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, and a number of volunteer organisations made up the Saudi search and rescue teams.

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A total of 98 tonnes of relief, including food, tents, blankets, rugs, shelter bags, and medical equipment, were on board the sixth aircraft.

The body of a missing Saudi woman was discovered in Antakya, where she lived, according to a statement from the Saudi embassy in Turkiye.

A representative from the embassy and some of the deceased’s family members were present when the deceased’s body was identified, according to the statement.



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