Saudi Arabia, US ink 18 agreements on space, investment & energy

Saudi Arabia US

Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaThe Saudi oil, investment, communications, and health ministers and their American counterparts have reached 18 agreements. The accords open up new channels for collaborative work in investment, energy, information and communications technology, space, and health.

They are in line with Saudi Vision 2030, a reform strategy that looks for investment possibilities in dynamic fields. The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, the Ministry of Investment, and various private sector enterprises were the parties to thirteen of the agreements that were signed during US President Joe Biden’s visit to the Kingdom.

They consist of a number of well-known US businesses, such as Boeing Aerospace, Raytheon Defense Industries, Medtronic and Digital Diagnostics, and IKVIA in the healthcare industry, as well as several more in the energy, tourism, education, manufacturing, and textiles sectors. The Saudi Space Authority and NASA signed the Artemis Accords, enabling cooperative Moon and Mars exploration.

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In order to position the Kingdom as a hub for technology and innovation in the Middle East and North Africa, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology signed a memorandum of cooperation with IBM. It calls for upskilling 100,000 young women and men over the course of five years through eight initiatives.

A cooperation agreement between the ministry and the US National Communications and Information Administration was also inked, and it covers 5G and 6G technology cooperation between the two nations. The agreement aims to quicken the development of the digital economy and promote research, development, and innovation in the digital ecosystem of the Kingdom.

A partnership agreement on clean energy was signed by the energy ministers of Saudi Arabia and the United States. It outlines areas and projects of cooperation in this field, as well as cooperation on civil nuclear energy and uranium, and it strengthens the efforts of the two nations to promote clean energy and climate action.

A memorandum of cooperation on public health, medical sciences, and research was signed by the health ministries. The goal of the agreement is to strengthen and promote current ties in public health between individuals, groups, and institutions.

It aims to coordinate team efforts in tackling problems with public health, medical, scientific, and research concerns, as well as the sharing of knowledge, skills, and academic qualifications. Along with discussing the appropriate use of health information systems, research and development, and health innovation, the memorandum also aims to coordinate cooperative training for professionals in the medical and health areas.



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