Saudi doctors save Iranian Hajj official after heart attack

Saudi doctors

Saudi arabia Saudi arabiaAnother pilgrim who experienced a heart attack while participating in Hajj ceremonies was saved on Sunday by medical personnel at King Abdullah Medical City (KAMC) in Makkah, according to the Saudi Ministry of Health.

The head of the Iranian medical mission that travelled with the nation’s Hajj delegation this year, Mohammad Reza Gholamreza Refatiani, was recognised as the pilgrim, the ministry stated in a statement obtained by the Saudi Press Agency.

Refatiani, a 60-year-old man, was initially sent to Ajyad Hospital after he reported experiencing chest problems. Then, as a life-saving case, he was sent to KAMC.

“Doctors opened the posterior left coronary artery, which had been enlarged and stented, during the first catheterization surgery. Refatiani underwent a second catheterization procedure to expand the left anterior coronary, remove the stenosis he has, and implant a stent using the most advanced technology represented by video technology for coronary arteries after doctors noticed that his pain persisted, according to the statement.

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The consultant cardiologist who handled the case, Dr. Mohammed Al-Ateen, emphasised the efficiency of the emergency system set up to assist pilgrims, which enables the prompt transfer of patients to hospitals following the appearance of severe heart attack symptoms.

According to Al-Ateen, the swift resolution of Refatiani’s case helped to save the Iranian pilgrim’s life. More than 93,229 pilgrims have received medical care from the government’s network of hospitals and health centres in Makkah, Arafat, Muzdalifah, Mina, Jamarat, and Taif as of Sunday.

Ten open heart surgeries, 187 cardiac catheterizations, 379 dialysis procedures, ten laparoscopic procedures, and more than 250 additional surgeries were among the most notable services offered. More than 2,200 pilgrims have also received services from the ministry’s Virtual Health Hospital remotely.

After experiencing excruciating chest symptoms, Refatiani became the most recent pilgrim to successfully complete an emergency cardiac catheterization treatment at KAMC this Hajj.

Hussain Qasmi Jalmrazy was successfully treated by heart doctors at KAMC on July 2 after he reported having significant chest symptoms. After the treatment, the patient from Isfahan in central Iran was able to carry on with the Hajj traditions. A German traveller and a 54-year-old Syrian traveller who had a heart attack on July 8 were also saved by KAMC doctors.

A Nigerian pilgrim in his thirties who was experiencing acute heart palpitations and a dramatic decrease in blood pressure that resulted in cardiac arrest was spared from death by KAMC medical staff, according to confirmation from the Health Ministry on July 7. This was a rare and critical case.

His heart stopped beating, and emergency personnel revived him before performing an operation to correct his condition. Additionally, he was able to finish his Hajj.



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