Saudi Model Amira Al-Zuhair Ramps For Dolce & Gabbana

Saudi Model Amira

Al-Zuhair wore a precisely tailored blazer dress with a black rosette on the lapel. The stylish, manly-inspired ensemble included a black tie, black tights, and pointed heels with a delicate ankle strap. Al-stunning Zuhair’s red lip and slicked-back hairstyle served as the focal points of her beauty look.

At Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan Fashion Week event on Saturday, black designs predominated the runway, and the Italian luxury brand provided plenty of dresses, suits, and coats for women’s winter wardrobes.

According to Reuters, the designer pair Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana debuted their Autumn/Winter 2023–2024 collection with a sheer black dress completed with a fur collar and black gloves.

Then came coats and trouser suits, along with sheer dresses made of lace, tulle, and chiffon that occasionally featured embroidery. In the “Sensual” collection, cropped black coats and pants were paired with white shirts and black ties.

The two designers wrote in the show notes, “Sensuality is a fundamental part of beauty that has nothing to do with being sexual.” “Sensuality is inextricably linked to an inner experience that gives women a natural spontaneity. without any fabrications.”

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Shiny gold and silver designs from Dolce & Gabbana also included draped dresses and belted macs. On black lace tops, gold collars stood out. Along with the white satin or chiffon dresses, coats, and trouser suits, there was a variety of all-red ensembles, tights, and shoes. Black feathers on collars and glossy black crystals were used as details.

Al-Zuhair, whose parents are Saudi and French, was born in Paris. But she was born and reared in London. As a result of frequent family travel between Riyadh and the UK, Al-Zuhair has a deep sense of cultural and emotional ties to the Kingdom.

“I love Saudi Arabia. It’s a significant aspect of who I am, and I genuinely value the developments in infrastructure, business, culture, and education that have occurred recently”, she previously told Arab News. “The country has been thrust to the forefront of the international scene by the current administration, and I’m incredibly glad to see these improvements,” the speaker said.

Al-Zuhair claims that despite growing up in Europe, she was taught “traditional values.” She was upfront about what she would and would not be willing to do as a model.

She claims, “I think the industry is really accommodating. It all depends on the limitations you impose. My agency is fantastic, and all of my clients and all elements of my job have been treated with respect within these parameters. I’ve had a wonderful experience, which is extremely lucky.”



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