South Korean authorities confirm failure of North Korean missile test

South Korea

South Korea South KoreaOn Wednesday, North Korea had reportedly launched a military test which was confirmed to have failed as it exploded soon after the launch. The information was confirmed by a South Korean military official.

This is the 10th such launch from Kim Jong Un regime’s regime this year. North Korea has been testing its latest set of missiles in recent days increasing concern for the United States. As per the South Korean official, the explosion happened at an altitude of 20 kilometers (12.5 miles).

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An area of Sunan, near the capital of Pyongyang was the point of origin of the missile. The explosion did not cause any damage or loss of life but surely made it reasons for immense concern. The last two launches from their side were on February 26 and March 4 which were also from the same area. The tests were done to get details on the new intercontinental ballistic missile system recently accepted by North Korea. The US along with South Korean officials has been continuously analyzing the launch details especially after the failed attempt.

The US security and defense head, Pentagon, has condemned the recent series of North Korea launches terming them as “brazen violation of multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions.” On Tuesday, keeping the recent aggression from the North Korean side, the US showed its readiness over the Asian nation’s steps by staging an exercise around the Korean peninsula.



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