Arab Countries to Mediate Talks With Yemeni Insurgents


Yemen YemenGulf countries are trying to bring the warring fractions in Yemen to come on a rare point of dialogue between March 29 and April 07, confirmed official reports said. This would also include Houthi rebels who have been notorious and responsible for the death of innumerable innocent civilians in Yemen.

It now stands at being the world’s most poor country with famine like conditions lurking on their heads. Since 2014, Yemen has been wracked by a devastating war pitting the Houthis against the internationally recognised government. Houthis are considered the most powerful of all the militia that have destroyed literally all efforts to let humanitarian aid to reach the civilians.

Repeated diplomatic efforts to get the two sides to agree a peace deal have failed over the years. It is only now that the Saudi-based Gulf Cooperation Council “is considering holding talks between Yemen’s warring parties to put an end to the conflict”, an official from the six-nation bloc, who spoke on condition of anonymity to the local media.

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While Houthis are being welcomed to be a part of the discussions, it is unlikely they would. The whole-sole intend is to find a lasting solution to ‘security, military and political issues’, of the Yemenis. Going to Riyadh would come with a bone of contention. The mediation efforts however will again be led by Oman that has done so in the past. The talks are scheduled to take place as the Saudi-led coalition marks seven years since its intervention in the Yemen war on March 26, 2015 — shortly after the rebels seized the capital Sanaa. Here, it is confirmed, the Kingdom will maintain neutrality.

This week, UN agencies have warned that the number of people in the country starving in famine conditions is projected to increase five-fold this year to 161,000 amid fears of a dire shortfall of life-saving aid. Over 30,000 people are already struggling in famine conditions, they said, calling the sharp rise “extremely worrying”.



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