Sudan: Mystery disease kills nearly 100 people; WHO deploy a task force


Sudan SudanA mystery disease has been identified in South Sudan, which has affected people severely. Subsequently, the World Health Organization (WHO) task force has been sent to the region. According to the South Sudanese Ministry of Health, the mystery disease has killed nearly 100 people in Fangak, Jonglei State of Sudan.

Sick people reports were sent to examine the disease. However, the initial samples of the sick people have returned negative results for cholera. The samples were sent for testing after 89 people died of the mysterious disease.

Situation of the people in the Fangak area

The Fangak area was recently hit by flooding, which also affected thousands of people. The flood brought increased risks of malaria, cholera and fatal food shortages. Sheila Baya from WHO spoke to the BBC on this matter. She said, “We decided to send a rapid response team to go and do risk assessment and investigation.” Reportedly, the team of scientists had to reach the Fangak area through a helicopter because of the flood situation.

According to Lam Tungwar Kueigwong, the state’s minister of land, housing and public utilities said that the flood in the region caused malnutrition among children due to food shortage. The Minister further said that the flood has also increased the spread of diseases like malaria.

UN on South Sudan situation

The United Nations have said that the flood in South Sudan is the worst in 60 years. According to the UN, 835,000 people have been impacted by floods with 35,000 people displaced. Médecins Sans Frontières, an international charity, said, “The number of children admitted to hospital with severe malnutrition had doubled since the start of the floods.” Various people are taking shelter in churches, schools, and public spaces because of the severe flood in the region. It has also affected livelihoods as well as food production, destroying farmland, crops, and livestock.



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