Syria: An Israeli bombing shuts down the airport in Aleppo


The Aleppo airport was struck by an Israeli airstrike and rendered inoperable, according to Syrian state television on Tuesday.

Israel “carried out an air attack from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Latakia, targeting Aleppo International Airport,” according to state news agency SANA, citing a military source. The strike, according to SANA, “caused significant damage” to the airport. It was unclear right away whether there had been any casualties.

Israeli government representatives made no remarks. Israel has attacked several targets inside of government-controlled areas of Syria in recent years, including the airports in Aleppo and Damascus, although it hardly ever admits or talks about the actions.

Yet, Israel has confirmed that it strikes the facilities of militant organisations with ties to Iran, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has dispatched thousands of men to assist President Assad’s forces.

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Aleppo was once again severely damaged in the fatal 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck Turkiye and Syria last month. Aleppo had previously sustained extensive destruction during the Syrian civil war. Since then, a number of nations have delivered relief cargo to the airport in the city.

According to Syrian official news, at least five persons were killed and 15 were injured on February 19 when Israeli airstrikes struck residential neighbourhoods in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The international airport in the nation’s capital was reportedly hit by missiles launched by Israel’s military on Jan. 2, rendering it inoperable and killing two soldiers, according to the Syrian army. Israeli officials feared Iranian weapons were being smuggled into Syria through the Damascus airport, which is why they launched that operation.



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