UK military chief: “Both Russia and China are attempting to spread disinformation about Covid vaccine


Both Russia and China are trying to spread disinformation about potential Covid vaccine through the opposition vaccine social media groups, the UK’s military chief cautioned. In a speech on Wednesday, General Sir Nick Carter underlined the work of an Australian defense policy think-tank that has been keeping a tab on how some nations have tried to misuse the coronavirus crisis.

Sir Nick added that tyrant regimes, for example, Russia and China, we’re utilizing a methodology of “political fighting” to “subvert cohesion” and “erode political, economic and social resilience” in the world. Sir Nick included that such regimes had used disinformation tactics to keep away from physical clashes with various countries. His warning came as Russian media guaranteed that it had successfully completed clinical trials for a second vaccine against coronavirus, which is manufactured by Siberia’s Vector Institute.

After a small scale of human trials, Russia decided to give a license to the Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine for domestic use, which drew a lot of international criticism. Many specialists even criticized Russia’s decision to give license to the Sputnik V vaccine as it had not cleared the stage 3 testing that has been recommended by the WHO.The controversy escalated further when on 11 Aug, President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian vaccine had “breezed through every essential testing”, which ignited worldwide criticism from scientists.

As per The Guardian report, the covid 19 vaccine race has gotten to another level in the competition between Russia and the west. It is no fluke that Russia has named its new covid vaccine ‘Sputnik V’, after the Soviet satellite that was sent into space in 1957 amid intense competition with the US.



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