biden's climate leadership by financing oil wells in bahrain
Middle East

How the US Trade Bank Undermines Biden’s Climate Leadership by Financing Oil Wells in Bahrain

President Joe Biden has pledged to make the US a global leader in the fight against climate change, promising to cut greenhouse gas emissions by

the biden doctrine

The Biden Doctrine: How and When it will Affect the Middle East

The Biden doctrine is the foreign policy approach of President Joe Biden, who took office in January 2021. The doctrine is based on four main

2024 us presidential election

Trump Is Not Going Away: How Biden Is Preparing for a Rematch in 2024

Donald Trump, the former president who was impeached twice and lost the popular vote twice, is still the dominant force in the Republican Party and

biden, netanyahu, and anti american sentiment

Biden, Netanyahu, and Anti-American Sentiment: Tracing the Pathways

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has triggered a resurgence of anti-American sentiment in the Arab world, with the U.S.’s steadfast support for Israel’s actions drawing