Who are the Five Arab Countries Backing Biden’s Ceasefire Plan for Gaza

who are the five arab countries backing biden's ceasefire plan for gaza

Following a virtual meeting in favor of mediation efforts seeking a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, five Arab foreign ministers issued a joint statement. Attempts by the US, Qatar, and Egypt to secure an adequate flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza, liberate detainees and hostages, and reach a total truce were the main topics of discussion.

Relief Operations and Ceasefire

The united statement stressed the urgency of establishing a permanent truce in the Gaza Strip. The significance of Egypt, Qatar, and the US in mediating talks to end hostilities was highlighted. The ministers emphasized that freeing prisoners and captives held by both sides is crucial to restoring confidence and achieving peace. In order to provide for the people of Gaza, the statement stressed the critical need of allowing humanitarian supplies to enter the territory as soon as possible.

The Israeli Withdrawal Proposal

The Role of Israeli Forces in Reconstruction

The immediate withdrawal of all Israeli forces stationed in the Gaza Strip was a central demand of the joint statement. The foreign ministers emphasized the importance of the international community supporting this objective in order to establish lasting peace in the region. The necessity of beginning the restoration process in Gaza was also stressed in the statement. The area had been severely damaged by the ongoing conflict, so the ministers suggested rebuilding it from the ground up.

The Peaceful Architecture

A Response in Two Nations

Reiterating their commitment to the two-state solution as the foundation for a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the five Arab nations issued a joint statement. An autonomous Palestinian state that peacefully coexists with Israel is the goal of this proposal, and the ministers have called for additional steps to make it a reality. The ministers have stated that achieving this long-term goal should include rebuilding Gaza.

Israeli response

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement 

Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, responded to the US president’s call for a truce. Clamantly contradicting Israeli views on the matter, Netanyahu asserted that the proposal was incomplete. In order to prevent more attacks by Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza, he emphasized that any truce must include Israel’s security.

Analysis from All Over the Globe

An Evaluation of the Setbacks

On Monday, the United Nations released a preliminary assessment detailing the level of destruction in the Gaza Strip since the start of the Hamas-Israeli conflict last year. Half of Gaza’s structures were either completely destroyed, substantially damaged, or are under danger of being demolished, according to the evaluation. It is clear from the extensive damage that the affected people require humanitarian assistance and rebuilding immediately.

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The Arab Nations Have Sworn in the Fire Prevention Strategy

The following Arab nations expressed their approval of the ceasefire arrangement at the online conference: 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, and Jordan.

The response 

It is imperative that the five Arab foreign ministers issue a single statement if there is to be a lasting ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the current humanitarian crisis. By backing mediation efforts and supporting the departure of Israeli military forces, the ministers have laid forth a clear plan for peace and reconstruction. Advocating for a two-state solution highlights the resolve to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict once and for all. Diplomatic interaction and coordination among all parties affected must be ongoing if these attempts are to succeed while the world watches closely.



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