New COVID-19 strain spreading fast amid vaccination efforts

At a time when world governments are working on their inoculation strategies, the new Coronavirus variant has spread across over 30 countries by the end


Britain’s tough talk on Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has given the EU just five weeks to finalise the Brexit deal, failing which Britain is prepared to go forward


Kremlin Masterminds Cyber Theft On British COVID19 Vaccine Research

At a time when every country should be pooling in their resources to find a lasting solution to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Russian hackers have busied themselves with stealing a vaccine research developed by the United Kingdom…

Foreign ministers from 14 European countries called on Wednesday for the Syrian government forces and their Russian supporters to end
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UNSC backs the resolution on extending Yemen sanctions

On Tuesday, The UN Security Council backed the resolution on extending the sanctions on Yemen following petulant discussions including on whether to refer the matter