UNSC backs the resolution on extending Yemen sanctions

Foreign ministers from 14 European countries called on Wednesday for the Syrian government forces and their Russian supporters to end

On Tuesday, The UN Security Council backed the resolution on extending the sanctions on Yemen following petulant discussions including on whether to refer the matter to UN specialists’ for finding that from where Yemen’s Houthi Shia militia are getting weapons and parts for drones, some with specifications like arms made in Iran.

The UK, which drafted the resolution alongside the US and other Western countries, bolstered, including the UNSC experts’ findings, however, China and Russia opposed it.

On Tuesday afternoon, The improved British draft ballot was disposed of all references to the Houthis and Iran, yet Russia and China said their demands were not completely sufficed and abstained.

The objection appeared to be a shock for Britain and its Western partners, who anticipated that after negotiations, the vote would be a ‘yes’ by all 15 council members.

The resolution does ask the UN board of experts about whose mandate was updated? For what reason was the report on monetarily accessible components utilized by people under UN sanctions, without mentioning to any party?

In late January, The UNSC experts announced that the Houthis had obtained such weapons that were utilized to assemble drones, water-borne explosives, and different weaponry systems.

Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Jaber, Saudi Arabia’s envoy to Yemen, expressed that the resolution presses on the persistent rejection of the global community on the coup directed by Iran-led Houthis and their assaults on the Yemenis.



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