what kind of role does china want in the middle east

What Kind of Role does China Want in the Middle East: A Breakdown

China now has a far larger footprint in the Middle East, embracing not only its conventional energy focus but also economic, geopolitical, and strategic objectives.

joe biden election and middle east conflict

Is a Middle East Censorship the Key to Joe Biden’s Election Win?

Given the approaching presidential contest, recent comments made by Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Doran have highlighted a possible change in President Joe Biden’s Middle

 biden's plan for peace in the middle east

The Delusions Behind Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East

On the surface, President Biden’s Plan for Peace in the Middle East to make new friends with some Arab countries. The United States gives a

us seeks de escalation in the middle east amid rising tensions
Middle East

US Seeks De-escalation in the Middle East Amid Rising Tensions

US Seeks De-escalation in the Middle East, particularly in light of recent developments in the region. Despite its military actions in Yemen targeting Huthi positions,

ipc pleads for immediate ceasefire in gaza

IPC Pleads for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza and the Middle East

The International Peace Commission (IPC) has issued an urgent plea for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza and the broader Middle East region. The escalating

alshaya's starbucks franchise reduces workforce due to middle east turmoil (1)
Middle East

Starbucks Franchise Alshaya Cuts Jobs Amid Middle East Unrest

Starbucks’ longstanding Middle Eastern franchisee, Alshaya Group, has introduced considerable layoffs amidst escalating tensions between Israel and Palestine. The organization, which operates over 1,000 Starbucks

unrwa investigation seen as deceptive and insincere

UNRWA investigation widely seen as deceptive and insincere

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Outcasts within the Middle East (UNRWA) has come under serious examination for affirmations of offense and

israel to launch ground offensive in rafah
Middle East

Israel to launch a ground offensive in Rafah, with a March deadline

Benny Gantz issued a warning to Hamas for releasing all Gaza hostages by March 10 which outlines Israel’s determination to maintain its security interests. In

china friendship for the middle east

The Pros and Cons of a China Friendship for the Middle East

China and the Middle East have been developing a friendship based on mutual interests and respect, especially in the fields of trade, energy, and infrastructure.

Middle East

Iran records over 57,000 deaths and one million infections from Coronavirus

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Care and Medical Education in Iran, Sima Sadat Lari, announced that the coronavirus has led to 75 new