Palestinian DJ arrested for a techno party in a holy site

A techno party in the heart of the Judean desert is at the center of a controversy that is inflaming the Palestinian square and has


Jordanian King and Palestinian leader looks forward to Biden administration to re-introduce two-state solution

On Sunday, Jordanian King Abdullah met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss ways to re-introduce the two-state formation as a solution to the decades old


Nas Daily shock: “Al-Jazeera spent Qatar money to spread fake news”

The popular video blogger Nusser Yassin (Nas Daily) slams Al-Jazeera channels for spreading fake news. With more than 17 million followers around the world, Nusser


Qatar pays 1 billion $ to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion

Qatar donated 1 billion dollars to Hamas to incite Palestinian public opinion against the recent Abraham accords facilitated by the United States. Doha publicized the

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US State department’s report on terrorism reveal malicious actions of Iran in the region

The US State Department of the United States released Wednesday its annual report to the congress, Country Reports on Terrorism 2019….