Jordanian King and Palestinian leader looks forward to Biden administration to re-introduce two-state solution


On Sunday, Jordanian King Abdullah met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss ways to re-introduce the two-state formation as a solution to the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Emergence of Joe Biden as the new US President brought back the hope, trampled on by the outgoing Trump administration with its Middle East Peace Plan. The officials said that both monarch and the Palestinian leader, were looking forward to holding talks with Biden.

Jordan King in his official statement said,“His Majesty stressed Jordan stood with all its resources alongside Palestinians in achieving their legitimate rights to set up an independent state.” King Abdullah, who spoke to the US President-elect last week to congratulate latter, said that Biden showed inclination towards “supporting a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

The change of regime in the White House brought much relief to Jordan and Palestinians who felt being sidelined and ignored by Donald Trump’s pro-Israel policies. Under the Trump era, US and. Palestinian ties dipped to its lowest as the outgoing US President recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, cut funds directed to UN agency for supporting Palestinian refugees, and threatened to cancel aid to the Palestinians unless they resumed negotiations with Israel. What triggered tensions between Trump and Palestinian leaders the most was US support towards Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s aggressive annexation plan.

To present a stronger case for two-state solution to the new US government, the Arab King and the Palestinian leader, along with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, plan on travelling together for a summit. Asma Khader, former Jordanian minister and government spokesperson, highlighted the need for forming a united front to beat Israel. “It is important to show that there is a strong Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian coalition interested in a peaceful resolution and that they are the key to the stability and tranquility of the region,” she told Arab News. “What better day to show that unity than on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Many observed that over the last few months, Trump administration has been acting in a frenzy, pushing forward its most ambitious plan for Middle East, forcing Arab and Muslim countries to normalize relations with Israel. Palestine condemned the move as a dangerous step which could silence many of its supporters and keep them from raising their voice against increasing Israeli settlements and a financial blockade on Palestinians.

Jordan has been backing Palestinian since the dawn of events as it has been directly impacted by the conflict give its location. Besides, Israeli annexation of larger parts of West Bank would imply Jordan becoming an alternative state for Palestinians and the country has over 7 million citizens of Palestinian origin. The Arab country already lost its territory, including East Jerusalem to Israel during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.



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