EXCLUSIVE: in Tunisia, the extremist group Al-Karama tries to reorganize

The exceptional decisions of the President of the Tunisian Republic Kais Saied to extend the application of Article 80 of the Constitution until further notice


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia will not employ the Qatar Development Fund

MP Mabrouk Korchid said the agreement with the Qatar development fund would not be promulgated by the President of the Republic of Tunisia, Kais Saied.


Covid-19, the presidency announces an easing of restrictions in Tunisia

Tunisia is slowly emerging from the coronavirus health emergency. Thanks to the vaccination campaign that saw over a million Tunisians receive their dose in 48


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia registers a new record of vaccinations in 24 hours

Faisal Bensalah stressed that 594,141 people aged 18-39 were vaccinated yesterday, marking a new record for the number vaccinated in a single day. From today vaccine available in Tunisian pharmacies.


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisia celebrates Women’s Day, Kais Saied’s homage to artisans

The Tunisian people have repeatedly rejected the thesis defended by the Islamists on the complementarity between women and men, demanding total equality between the two sexes.


EXCLUSIVE: Ghannouchi returns to threaten bloodshed in Tunisia

Short of other valid arguments, Rachid Ghannouchi, president of the Tunisian Islamist party, Ennahdha, and head of Parliament whose activities have been suspended by the


EXCLUSIVE: CONECT says Kais Saied’s decisions open doors of hope for Tunisians

The National Executive Office of the Confederation of Citizen Businesses of Tunisia (CONECT) says Kais Saied decisions opened the doors of hope to the Tunisian people.


EXCLUSIVE: Tunisian President Kais Saied calls for a price cut

The head of State affirmed the right of Tunisians to live in dignity


EXCLUSIVE. Ghannouchi runs to the hospital, fearing an imminent arrest

Illness after popular requests for the arrest of the president of the Tunisian Parliament – without the possibility of escape – for malfeasance and support for terrorism increase.