EXCLUSIVE: Tunisian President Kais Saied calls for a price cut

The president of the Tunisian Republic, Kais Saied, is making numerous efforts to recover Tunisia from the abysses into which the country was plunging. A few hours ago, the president arrived in the center of the Tunisian capital on an official visit to the Ministry of Trade and Export Development headquarters. During an interview with the head of the dicastery, Kais Saied emphasized the right of the Tunisian people to a dignified life. “They should cut prices before they use the law,” the president said.

Saied stressed the need to address all speculation, monopoly of materials and goods, and to impose respect for prices. The President of the Republic called on all overlapping parties to have a national sense and take responsibility at this stage in Tunisia’s history.

Today’s visit comes after the appointment of several ministers who replaced the executive of Hicham Mechichi supported by the Islamist party Ennadha. The President of the Republic has also withdrawn the credentials of several diplomatics abroad, including the Tunisian Ambassador in Washington. Meanwhile, the Ennahdha Shura Council meeting is expected today to discuss the party’s future. Many believe that the team of Rachid Ghannouchi, the suspended president of Parliament accused of a long list of financial and security crimes, will not be able to regroup, but that the only possibility could be dissolution.

Several radical Islamists have already turned their backs on the elderly leader, accusing Ghannouchi and his family of stealing resources from the Tunisian people and transferring large sums of money abroad. In this context, President Kais Saied has ordered a ban on leaving the country for the CEOs and presidents of the major state companies and financial institutions linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.



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