The far-reaching legacy of the Iran-Iraq war

On 22 September 1980, Iraq ordered its forces to march on Iran, starting a war whose ramifications would echo through the region for years to


The war against reality and the world where facts no longer matter

All politics now seems no longer based on facts but on the sentiment of the masses. That is particularly clear if we look at what’s happening today between China and the United States…..

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Syria, between war and coronavirus

Nine years have passed since the war began in Syria. Almost half a million dead, not to mention the wounded, six million internally displaced persons

Turkish forces: death and injuries in Idlib.
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Turkish forces: death and injuries in Idlib.

The Syrian Human Rights’ Observatory said that two IEDs detonated a military bomber of the Turkish forces on the M4 road near the village of

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Syria : 9 years of war , 380,000 dead and still no solution or peace

384,000 people died in syria during the last 9 years , including 116,000 civilians and 22,000 children. The Syrian conflict began On March 15th, 2011.

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How Children Rights Have Been Violated In Syria

It is not something humanity can be proud of but the reality of war children glares us in our face. As the Syrian war marks