Turkish forces: death and injuries in Idlib.

Turkish forces: death and injuries in Idlib.

The Syrian Human Rights’ Observatory said that two IEDs detonated a military bomber of the Turkish forces on the M4 road near the village of Mhambel in the Al-Rouj plain west of Idlib.

The attack resulted in a number of injuries among the Turkish forces and one of them has been killed. This happened, amid accusations of the pro-al-Qaeda guards .

On Monday, Moscow accused the armed factions of northwestern Syria of not respecting the agreement. The Foreign Ministry said that the militants in Idlib did not respect the agreement terms.

Russia and Turkey were forced, on Sunday, to shorten their first joint patrol in Idlib after elements of armed factions in the region cut a major way to disrupt the patrol track.

The conduct of the patrol on the M4 highway in Idlib province came as a result of the ceasefire agreement that was concluded on March 5th between Moscow and Ankara.

Under the agreement, which largely halted the attacks after an escalation of violence caused the displacement of nearly a million people, Turkish and Russian forces will establish a security corridor on both sides of the M4 motorway, and conduct joint patrols along the road.



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