Biden considering to tag Houthi rebels as an international terrorist organization

Yemen–The aggression that Houthi rebels have been showing the Arab world, the United States might have finally decided to re-designating Yemen’s Houthi militia as an


Saudi Arabia: Oil tanker hit by ‘external sources’

An oil tanker located off the Saudi port of Jeddah was hit by an external source and exploded. All 22 sailors aboard the Singapore-flagged tanker


Iran triggers conflict in Yemen with its transfer of arms and military technology

Iran caught red-handed fuelling war in Yemen, which has been enduring the worst humanitarian crisis in the world for past six years. The spokesman for


Egypt expands support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

Tuesday, September 2020 The Egyptian government is directly assisting the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. Egypt is providing military support to a coalition government and


How Angela Merkel Turned The Tide For Asylum Seekers Forever

The ongoing civil war conditions in countries like Yemen and Syria have seen an exodus of migrants flocking across the European borders. Germany also faced

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Yemen On Its Way To Implement Riyadh Agreement

Yemen is now trying to establish a stable government that can get its economy back on track and do away with the Houthi control over


Qatar forcibly deports Yemeni woman and her baby

In a video on Twitter, a woman accused the Qatari government of trying to forcibly return her and her child to her home country of

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Yemen accuses Houthis of capitalizing on tanker issue

The crisis of the decaying tanker off Yemen’s coast is of grave concern to the region, but the Houthis are selfishly using the issue to further their agenda, according to the government….

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UNICEF warns of catastrophe for Yemeni children

The United Nation Children’s Fund has predicted dire consequences for the children of the war-torn country in the absence of urgent humanitarian aid….

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Ceasefire in Yemen as Riyadh Agreement comes on the table

Temporary calm returned to some parts of Yemen on Wednesday as the officially recognized government of Yemen based in Sana….