Egypt expands support for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen


Tuesday, September 2020 The Egyptian government is directly assisting the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. Egypt is providing military support to a coalition government and has condemned the Houthi insurgency. Egypt has repeatedly called for a ceasefire in order to bring political stability to the country.

Egypt’s foreign minister says it stands with Saudi Arabia in its sincere efforts to reach a political solution to the Yemeni crisis. It has also stressed the need to enforce the ceasefire between the legitimate government forces and the Houthi militia.

Since 2015 the situation in Yemen has deteriorated. The country is at war with the Houthi group and the internationally backed government of Yemen. Saudi Arabia, a leading ally, has carried out attacks to liberate the Houthis, resulting in many deaths and displacements. Yemen is in a dire humanitarian situation.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian president on Wednesday took part in a military exercise at the main base of the Red Sea. The inauguration witnessed the attendance of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohamed bin Zayed, Armenian President ArmenSarkissian, Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense Khalid bin Salman, Bulgarian Prime Minister BoykoBorissov, and Armenian President ArmenSarkissian.

Moreover, Presidency spokesperson said, “Bernice military base is one of a series of successes by the Egyptian Armed Forces, and it comes to develop and modernize the Armed Forces as part of Egypt Vision 2030.”Russia’s ambassador to Egypt has said Egypt has the right to protect its borders and security. The two countries, which have recently become politically close, appear to be interested in each other.

Russia supports the forces loyal to General Haftar wants to play an important role in the region. Russia is following this situation very closely, and in general, is trying to conduct balanced policy in the Eastern Mediterranean. We are trying to maintain good ties with all countries here, including Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. Sure, we have concerns that the current instability between Turkey and Greece, two NATO members, can have some dangerous consequences. It is important for Russia to have peace in this region.

Similarly, Egypt has warned Turkey to take any attack in eastern based Libyan government supported by Rusiaand Egypt. Egypt, defending its borders, has warned Turkey against waging war on Egypt’s next cities, calling it a “red line” that no one cannot cross.
Egypt, meanwhile, is in international talks to mediate the dispute over the Nile, which Ethiopia has built a dam that threatens Egypt’s future. Efforts are underway to resolve this.

Last week, the US State Department announced it would cut $ 100m in foreign assistance to Ethiopia, in response to authorities there unilaterally filling GERD reservoir.According to documents filed on 30 June with the US Department of Justice, of which Daily News Egypt has obtained a copy, the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington, DC has signed a three-month contract, worth $ 130,000, with Indiana-based law firm Barnes & Thornburg. The filing was signed by Ronnie L. Miller, who serves as federal compliance counsel for the firm.



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