Taliban kills relative of a journalist working for DW News


The Taliban in Afghanistan have killed the relative of a journalist that was working for the DW, the German news broadcaster stated. 

Taliban leaders promised a total absolution for Afghans in the wake of taking Kabul on Sunday, yet a report submitted to the UN says the aggressors have been targetting house to house search of people who worked with US and Nato troops.

However, The Taliban has denied such allegations previously and gave explanations saying their fighters were not permitted to enter private homes. 

They likewise asserted that journalists and women have nothing to fear under their new regime rule. However, some media workers have reported that they were beaten up by sticks or whips while attempting to record the turmoil seen in Kabul in recent days.

The DW columnist’s other relatives managed to escape at the last minute and are currently on the run. DW Director General Peter Limbourg gave a solid criticism and approached the German administration to take strict action. 

“The killing of a direct relation of one of our editors by the Taliban is gravely unfortunate and indicates towards the intense risk where all our workers and their relations in Afghanistan see themselves in,” Limbourg stated. 

“The Taliban is conducting organized searches from house to house for editors and journalists, both in Kabul and nearby districts. We are all running out of crucial time!” Limbourg added. 

The Taliban have searched the homes of around three DW reporters. They have kidnapped Nematullah Hemat of the private TV slot Ghargasht TV and Toofan Omar as well. As per the government officials, the head of the Paktia Ghag Radio is also believed to have been killed. “They want the two people working with NATO/US troops and their partners or relatives to be tormented and executed.”

Under the Taliban government from 1996 – 2001, women in Afghanistan were not allowed to go out independently. Young girls were not allowed to attend school. Under strict Islamic law, women were stoned to death if caught in adultery. Music and TV were banned under the Taliban.



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