Several rallies in Syria have lately taken place in favor of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine


Syria SyriaAt protests in Latakia and Tartous in western Syria on Monday, hundreds of villagers waved Russian and Syrian flags. They also formed the letter “Z,” which is a Russian sign used in Ukraine. According to Syria’s official news agency, SANA, the delegates expressed “support for Russia in the face of US and Western policies aimed at disrupting Syrian security and stability.”

Syria has been one of Russia’s most ardent supports in its invasion of Ukraine. President Bashar al-Assad described the military campaign as a “correction of history” when it began. Only five nations voted against the UN resolution condemning the invasion, including Syria’s Arab Republic.

Today’s marches in Latakia and Tartous were only two of many around the country. A pro-Russia protest was held on March 8 at al-Baath University in Homs’ central city. On March 9, students and demonstrators gathered at Damascus University to show their support for Russia. According to SANA, a pro-Russia vehicle rally took place in Hasaka, in the northeast, on March 10.

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President Vladimir Putin’s Russia is a key friend of Syria’s regime. In 2015, Russia participated militarily in Syria’s civil war to support the Syrian government against opposition groups. The intervention shifted the war’s tide in the government’s favor, and the government and its allies now control the vast majority of the country.

In the battle, Russia has also utilized Syria for propaganda objectives. A Russian defense official accused Ukrainian soldiers of faking crimes modeled on the pro-rebel White Helmets rescuers’ acts in Syria last month. The official provided no proof to back up his assertion.



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