The AI Challenge: Technology is Ingrained in Our Lives

The AI Challenge: Technology is Ingrained in Our Lives

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting personal by the second. We have been barely been able to keep up with this tech’s advancements. Lawmakers warn of the risk of personal data misuse and potential breaches of privacy. There are also concerns that AI could render certain jobs obsolete even while it creates new categories of work.

Experts believe regulating every expression of AI will be an elusive exercise – the technology is far too ingrained already in our lives to even think it possible. AI is enabling governments to mass produce autonomous weapons, so-called killing machines that will choose their own targets, including innocent civilians.

While calls for regulating AI is getting louder and clear, some like the EU have taken the leap, and some are scrutinizing it.

Need to be Careful With AI

Simon Coveney, Ireland’s Minister for Business, Trade, and Employment, believes they have to be careful. “This isn’t just about getting this done in time. It’s also more important that it’s done well. And I think the danger here is that we try to do too much perhaps, and we find that the definitions and the guardrails that we’re putting in place are perhaps out of date within months. I think it would be a mistake to try to do too much quickly in the context of technology that’s evolving at such a pace.”

Vera Jourova, European Commission Vice-President, says over-regulation is not the case. “We need regulation of AI. But I think that now we know quite a lot about the potential possible risks stemming from some of the AI parts or technologies and that’s why we are coming with a piece of legislation, the AI Act, which in my view is proportionate and necessary.”

An Oxford University team warns that such extreme intelligences could not easily be controlled – either by the groups creating them, or by some international regulatory regime, the intelligence will be driven to construct a world without humans, or without meaningful features of human existence. This makes extremely intelligent AIs a unique risk.

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AI More Dangerous Than Nukes

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X, believes artificial intelligence can potentially be more dangerous than nukes. “I’m increasingly inclined to think there should be some regulatory oversight of AI, maybe at the national and international level.”

Some say AI makes machines much smarter and more capable does not make them fully autonomous. Machines equipped with AI, however smart they may become, have no goals or motivations of their own.



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