Successive Developments in the Human Rights March in UAE

Successive Developments in the Human Rights March in UAE

Middle East countries work together to fight against human trafficking. These countries have adopted various measures to counter human trafficking.

Protection of Migrant Workers

The UAE is one of the countries in the Middle East that has launched various measures for the protection of migrant workers, protect the rights of persons with disabilities, and establish a national human rights institution.

The UAE aims to fight against all forms of discrimination. The law regulating labor relations prohibits any kind of discrimination in the workplace.

Fight Against Terrorism and Extremism

In recent months, the UAE launched efforts to fight against terrorism and extremism. The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other Middle East countries have repeatedly stressed the need to end all forms of terrorism, extremism, violence, hatred and discrimination.

At the event of the launch of the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) shadow report, various delegations presented their views on the human rights situation in Middle East countries. The delegations lauded the UAE National Human Rights Committee and its efforts in promoting human rights. They also talked about the UAE’s initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic. The UAE sent aid to other countries during the pandemic. The UAE sent medical supplies, including vaccines and test kits, to over 140 countries, including Yemen. The UAE has been one of the largest international contributors to the world’s Covid-19 response in 2020.

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Child Protection Unit

The UAE also gives importance to women‘s rights. The UAE also launched various initiatives aimed at child protection. The UAE launched the “Child Protection Unit” in order to protect children from all kinds of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Manel Msalmi, Brussels-based human rights activist and President of the Association for The Defense of Minorities, spoke about UAE’s initiatives towards climate change. During the meeting, she highlighted the UAE’s efforts in sustainable development and climate action. The UAE also invested millions of dollars to mitigate the impact of climate change.




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