13 International Human Rights Organizations Launch a Report

13 International Human Rights Organizations Launch a Report

At the 43rd session of the Universal Periodic Review, various delegations talked about the human rights situations in their countries. The event noted UAE’s work towards human rights and climate change.

Sustainable Economic Development

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates made progress in the fields of education, healthcare, women empowerment, and sustainable economic development.

Mr Ayman Nasry, Arab European Forum for Dialogue and Human Rights, highlighted the role of UAE in improving the human rights situation across the Middle East region. Dr Manel Msalmi, Brussels-based human rights activist and President of the Association for The Defense of Minorities, lauded UAE’s efforts during the COVID-19 Pandemic. During the pandemic, the UAE sent medical aid to various other countries. She also highlighted UAE’s role in climate change. She noted that the UAE invested millions of dollars in the field of climate action.

Protect the Rights of Women

Dr Abdul Jabbar Al-Tayeb from the Bahrain Jurists Society and Kossi Atsou from United Villages Organization talked about the human rights situation in the UAE. In recent years, the UAE launched various initiatives to protect the rights of women, children and migrant workers.

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Mr. Isa Alarabi from Arab Union for Human Rights also talked about the human rights situation in the UAE. The country gives respect to everyone without any discrimination. The UAE enacted anti-discrimination laws to protect the rights of people.

Dr Eric Gozlan from International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue showcased a presentation on UAE’s laws. Under Article 4 of the UAE Labour Law, non-discrimination forced labour and discrimination are prohibited. Article 30 of the UAE labor law prohibits termination of women’s employment on the basis of their pregnancy.

Financial Incentives for Employees

The UAE has always supported employees in various fields. It also launched various financial incentives for employees in the private sector.

The UAE also cooperates with other countries to fight against terrorism, terrorist financing, and extremism. It aims to fight all forms of terrorism, extremism, violence, hatred, discrimination and incitement.



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