Traditional gowns get a contemporary update from a Saudi fashion designer


Reem Esailan, a Saudi fashion designer, is renowned for her pricey, luxurious costumes that draw inspiration from Saudi culture.

“The official Saudi attire is that which both conforms to the diverse climatic and environmental conditions and expresses the identity of Saudi citizens. Although their details differ, some of its components resemble dresses from the Arabian Peninsula,” according to Esailan.

“The Saudi dress is flowy and composed of numerous pieces, most often in white. It can show the wearer’s status through its components and the occasion type, whether formal, festive, or just everyday.”

Esailan responded that the traditional garments are pricey for a purpose when questioned about their exorbitant cost.

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Our costumes are created using rare materials by a small number of highly trained artisans who put their hearts into the extremely laborious and delicate procedure.

Furthermore, because only those who understand their value choose to wear them, our costumes are of a high quality that maintains their luxury and prestige. They’re worthwhile.

For valuable items, “I personally give buyers a ‘Costume Birth Certificate’ to serve as a record for them or their generations.”

“This certificate serves to outline the product’s path from beginning to end. Because of this, buyers will be forced to reconsider their decision to part with the item, and they may as well appreciate the depth and historical impulse it contains,” she continued.

Esailan claimed that there has recently been a significant demand for Saudi-inspired clothing, particularly on national holidays like Saudi National Day, Saudi Flag Day, and Founding Day, “as the new generation has become curious” and is interested in learning about the Kingdom’s past.

Esailan wants her fashion designs to be featured in future worldwide fashion businesses. “Saudi culture is renowned for embodying the sincerity of the past, according to the Saudi costumes. In addition to other pricey clothing and accessories, she said that expensive pieces like jambiyas draw tourists and researchers.”



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