Iran’s parliament dismisses a minister for perceived poor leadership


Iran’s parliament decided to remove the country’s minister of industries for alleged mismanagement on Sunday in reaction to public dissatisfaction with the administration.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf reported that 162 of the 272 present lawmakers had decided to expel Reza Fatemi Amin. The space can accommodate 290 people. In 2022, a previous attempt to impeach Fatemi Amin was unsuccessful. A choice was chosen after deliberation among parliamentarians and government officials who questioned the minister.

Iran’s president, Ebrahim Raisi, defended Fatemi Amin by asserting that all of the disciplines that are related to her portfolio have grown. He pushed for the minister’s reinstatement by the legislature. The point is that stability must be preserved for the ministry, he said.

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The minister’s critics asserted that because of the quickly rising cost of products, he bungled his commercial endeavors in industry, mining, and commerce.

Six changes have been made to Raisi’s cabinet in the less than two years since he took office, with the most recent being the impeachment. In March, Raisi fired the director of planning and budget as well as the minister of agriculture. The education minister was let go by Raisi following the April teacher pay delay. In December, Raisi assumed leadership after finding out that the minister of roads had terminal cancer. The labor minister was replaced by Raisi as a result of employee and retiree demonstrations last year regarding payments.

Iran is still in shock following months of demonstrations and a brutal security force crackdown in response to Mahsa Amini’s death in September following her arrest by morality police.



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