Tunisia: President Saied plans to reform the legislative voting method before elections


Tunisia TunisiaTunisian President Kais Saied has proposed additional modifications to parliamentary voting in the upcoming December elections. Saied said on Wednesday that the election will be held in two rounds, with voters electing individuals rather than lists as in prior elections.

Analysts believe his fresh words, which come days after he dissolved parliament, indicate that he is pressing forward with political changes. Saied, who seized executive authority last summer and has ruled by decree since then, is under intense pressure to return the country to a democratic course.

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Last week, the political situation was exacerbated when more than half of parliament’s members convened an online meeting to overturn Saied’s orders. Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali responded by dismissing parliament and installing one-man rule. His activities have been dubbed a “coup” by his critics.

Tunisia’s president has stated that he will hold a discourse on political changes, but that “traitors and thieves” will be excluded from the discussions. He has denied claims that he is pursuing a return to individual control, claiming that the steps were necessary to purge the country of widespread corruption.



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