Tunisian president asks for public opinion on the new constitution


Tunisia TunisiaAfter imposing speech control for over two months, Tunisian president Kais Saied has opened the forum for public opinion on the new political system for the country.

On Monday, Saied expressed in a televised interview that people are free to show their views on the newly adapted political system in the country. Their view must be put forwards ahead of the referendum on the constitutional changes which is scheduled for July this year. His televised address came after thousands of people carried out a protest in the capital city of Tunis on Sunday. They demand greater political rights and also stress on the leaders to return the multiparty government as fast as they can. Saied said, “Work will continue to go to a referendum on July 25, after which everyone will be involved in expressing their opinions and suggestions for the new political system.”

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The government was under a deadline for an online consultation that had started two months ago and Saied’s comments came just in time for that. The consultation was designed to analyze the views of the Tunisians regarding the new constitution. But the accuracy was hampered as out of the 12 million population of the country, only 500,000 people participated in the process.

The leader also stressed that if the public gives its opinion on the recent regulations, they can very well observe the changes in the constitution structure. This is being taken as an attempt to regain his popularity after he was accused of trying to convert the country to authoritarian rule after the country’s fight back in 2011.



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