Turkey Empowers Its Navy With New Warfare System


Turkey has upgraded its navy with the Naval Warfare Effectiveness Analysis Model in an effort to increase the Turkish armed forces combat readiness level. This new system will first be trialed in a virtual environment, before actually deploying it on the ground.

The Naval Warfare Effectiveness Analysis Model, known as GEMED, offers decision support for ship design, modernization, procurement and tactical development. This system has been developed by Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik ve Ticaret A.S (STM), an entity in the Turkish defense sector.

The GEMED will help the Turkish Naval Forces in the analysis and procurement stages of system and tactical development.

Turkey Upgrades With Modern Tech

Ozgur Guleryuz, the general manager of STM, said they are strengthening the Turkish navy with modern national platforms. “We are developing software systems that will add intelligence to these platforms and supply decision support to their headquarters.”

He said the GEMED will allow the navy forces to evaluate the combat effectiveness of existing military platforms. Guleryuz added that STM has developed models of around 100 different combat elements and their subsystems. “These platform, sensor, weapon and countermeasure models will allow effectiveness analyzes for surface, underwater and air operatuions.”

Guleryuz highlighted that the system integrates models of multiple combat elements. Moreover, the system’s capability to test battle scenarios in a virtual setting offers insights into operational planning.

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The New System Has Been Tested

The GEMED, as per an official statement, has been utilized in more than 40 operations in naval, air and underwater domain. STM said it can be tested or trialed through multiple runs, experimental design and multi-criteria decision-making techniques, and various platform system configurations and tactics might be inspected in different environment conditions.

Turkey, like other countries in the region, has been equipping its armed forces with the latest military hardware and making them battlefield ready. It has participated in numerous naval drills and exercises with allies.

Last month, Turkey joined the US, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and the UK for drills – a multinational naval exercise called the Sea Breeze, which has been running annually since 1997. This exercise enhanced interoperability and boosted the level of training amongst the participating forces.



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